MSCA: Red de transferencia de conocimiento en tecnologías y productos biomédicos basados en microagujas

Referencia : RDRTR20231206011

Caduca : 2024-02-20 00:00:00


The aim of the project is to enhance knowledge transfer of new technologies and techniques in the production of microneedle-based therapeutic systems, tissue grafts and networking for collective innovative solution development. This initiative focuses on enhancing the cross-cutting interactions of academics and non-academic professionals skilled in microneedle-based technologies to develop novel biomedical products and tools with excellence in knowledge and know-how.

Información adicional

The applications of micro-needle-based platforms developed using the DLP method, which enables the development of layered and well-designed approaches, have attracted attention in current studies as a solution for diverse tissue damage, such as drug delivery and therapeutic systems. DLP has great potential especially for the development of scaffolds and drug delivery platforms with well-tuned composition and topology that can adapt to the environment of body. Modular modifications of microneedles with distinct biomolecules, their use in combination with nanoparticles and drug loading approaches become prominent for the development of advanced approaches in tissue repair mechanisms. Project proposers specialized in materials and biomaterials have been focusing on 3D printing, microneedle-based approaches for the last 5 years. In addition to being practitioners in this field, they also aim to network with industry and academia on various topics such as the development of modular printing strategies and the integration of nanotechnological carrier systems into microneedle-based tissue engineering products. In this context, the aim of the project proposal is to share know-how in research and development and industrial product development and to enable the production of scaffold and drug delivery platform that can be used for various biomedical applications. Advantages and innovation In this study, networking between partners with diverse expertise is aimed to achieve modular and functionalized approaches in the production of microneedles manufactured by DLP, which is a remarkable method for the production of well-tuned scaffold and drug delivery platform. In this proposal, which aims to enable academic and non-academic collaboration, the knowledge of the partners will be enriched by cross interaction and thus product development strategies will be strengthened. Technical Specification or Expertise Sought 3D printing, DLP, microneedle, scaffold, drug delivery, biomedical applications, and tissue grafts Framework program Horizon Europe Call title and identifier MSCA Staff Exchanges 2023: HORIZON-MSCA-2023-SE-01-01 Submission and evaluation scheme Single-stage Anticipated project budget Coordinator required No Deadline for EoI 20/02/2024 Deadline of the call 28/02/2024

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