Búsqueda de socios con experiencia en IA generativa y aprendizaje automático

Referencia : RDRSE20231206008

Caduca : 2024-02-15 00:00:00


Swedish SaaS company is looking for partners highly experienced in Generative AI and Machine Learning to join a Eurostars project proposal in spring 2024 to futher develop a unique application/tool that uses AI to generate custom made business process applications extremely fast. The new tool will support organisations to be more cost-efficient when digitizing their business processes.

Información adicional

A Swedish Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startup has developed an intelligent modeling platform for business process digitilization with a very different approach compared to existing solutions. The platform uses a radical new approach to building internal business applications, such as ERP applications, CRM applications, order fulfilment or supplier onboarding applications which make new business applications more available and affordable for every organisation. Today, business process applications are inflexible, expensive to buy and require at least several months of implementation. The new platform was launched in Q4 2022 and so far hundreds of users have created business process content in the platform during the past year. In 2024 the company wishes to further develop the platform/tool by incorporating no code capabilities, i.e. the ability to create software applications without coding skills, that utilizes Generative AI and that can generate business process applications based on the models created in the platform.The new tool will be able to generate custom made business process applications extremely fast - in a matter of hours instead of months and make them affordable to every organisation - every organisation will be able to digitalize their business processes. The Swedish company is looking for partners highly experienced in Generative AI and Machine Learning to join a Eurostars project in spring 2024 to boost the existing team and make it possible to futher develop this unique application. Advantages and innovation The innovative application that will be developed during the Eurostars project has the following advantages: 1: User-friendly visual and audio interaction with underlying Generative AI models, including a co-editing workspace where users can collaborate and add business domain expertise to the AI generated content. 2: Proprietary retrained foundation models optimised for business process digitilization – this will be created by applying finetuning on selected foundation models with proprietary company data. 3: A combination of the output of several foundation models and integration with proprietary and external data sources by applying LangChain (a framework designed to simplify the creation of applications using large language models) or similar technologies. Technical Specification or Expertise Sought The ideal partner for the Eurostars project must be experienced in the following areas: - Machine learning algorithms - Training of foundation models - Code generation using Generative AI - JavaScript programming - Langchain or similar frameworks Framework program Eureka Call title and identifier Eurostars Submission and evaluation scheme Anticipated project budget Coordinator required No Deadline for EoI 15/02/2024 Deadline of the call 14/03/2024

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