EIC Pathfinder: Máquinas autorreplicantes que pueden montarse a sí mismas a partir de un conjunto de elementos utilizando IA

Referencia : RDRPL20240131022

Caduca : 2024-09-01 00:00:00


The company is looking for organizations that want to join the project about self-replicating machines that can assemble themselves out of a set of elements using AI. Proposed Call: EIC Pathfinder Open 2023 Visionary projects Early stage (TRL1-3).

Información adicional

The company is led by a team of founders. Since its inception, their been committed to making advanced AI technology accessible to everyone. The company is the first spin-off of the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw. The main reason for creating the company was the desire to transform existing scientific excellence and knowledge about heuristic algorithms into practical solutions. The company provide organizations with the most efficient and, at the same time, the safest ML technology, remaining at the forefront of scientific research in this field. The company offers artificial intelligence solutions to the toughest problems faced by healthcare, retail, government and automotive organizations. The goal is to create added value for the business, for society and the human condition. In work, the team use primarily scientific method, critical thinking and correctness. The company have the one of the most experienced teams of AI and ML specialists in Poland ready to support any organisation in AI transformation. The company is looking for organizations: AI partner, 3D reconstructions partner, a robotic partner - for the design and creation of hardware system to collect the real-world data and test different solutions, professional LEGO construction designers, In-Silico simulations partner, an High Performance Computing (HPC) partner, that want to join to the project DeepAssembly. The project is to create a proof-of-concept self-replicating machines that can assemble themselves out of a set of elements using AI. Proposed Call: EIC Pathfinder Open 2023 Visionary projects Early stage (TRL1-3). Advantages and innovation The hypothesis is that with the use of AI it is possible to automate and scale the design and manufacturing process. However training of the system will require a huge amount of resources (both in the terms of hardware and software). As a result of the process. The research consortium will create a proof of concept machine/machines that will self-assemble itself out of pre-build intermediate elements. The consortium will also determine parameters for a full scale project that will allow for creation of commercially applicable systems both in the terms of optimal sets of input components and in the terms of resources needed for the project. Technical Specification or Expertise Sought 1. Creation a proof-of-concept of self-replicationg machine from a pre-assembled intermediate components 2. Explore, how the level of complication of the machinery depends on number on complexity of components 3. Build and test a perception and decision models that will allow machines to make own assembly actions 4. Finding optimal form and material used for building blocks (e.g Lego-like, Meccano-like etc or custom made) for a full scale project 5. Finding the optimal set of sensor, power supply and communication for the full scale project 6. Design an automated design-build-test-train loops and AI training stands for a full scale project 7. Assessment of possibility of using evolution-like algorithm to further evolve the system 8. Estimate the size, time and cost of a full scale project that will crate a system that will allow for evolve and train commercially applicable solutions with self-replicating machines Framework program Future and Emerging Technologies Call title and identifier Self-replicating machines that can assemble themselves out of a set of elements using AI Submission and evaluation scheme Anticipated project budget Coordinator required No Deadline for EoI 01/09/2025 Deadline of the call 16/10/2024

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