Sistema de recuperación de calor residual de instalaciones industriales

Referencia : RDRPL20230425008

Caduca : 2024-03-29 00:00:00


Polish Research and Development organization proposes to develop a continuous system to recover low-temperature waste heat and conversion to electricity using thermoelectric generators from industrial installations (e.g. glass and metallurgical factories).

Información adicional

The research and development organization from central Poland is looking for partners for to project. The project is focus on the management of waste heat from industrial installations. In order to the management of waste heat from industrial installations that is lost irretrievably by discharging it to the environment, the organization propose the exchange of the thermal energy of waste heat into useful electric energy with the use of thermogenerators. Description of the project: 1. Obtaining the maximum value of the electric current power from the heat flux under the conditions of energy balance in the system. 2. Providing high-temperature heat energy to the hot side of the thermogenerator, taking into account the compensation of uneven temperature distribution on the surface of the waste heat source and maintaining the nominal operating temperature of the thermogenerator. 3. Conversion of DC output waveforms of thermogenerators into power grid parameters with the possibility of working in on-grid and off-grid (island) systems and ensuring that the operating point is maintained at the maximum power of the thermogenerator. 4. Effective heat collection from the cold side of thermogenerators ensuring minimum energy consumption. 5. Integration of system elements in the form of a control system that monitors the condition and parameters of the system and enables cooperation with external systems. The following aspects have been developed and prepared: -The stand for testing of thermogenerator systems. The station includes a simulated waste heat source with temperature control and an external cooler with a water reservoir. The stand enables the determination of the characteristics of thermogenerators using two methods. - Two model systems of thermogenerator sets with different methods of heat energy supply, each with a power of 160 W. -A single-phase power electronic converter with a power of 1 kW, feeding energy to the power grid. The research and development organization disseminates the idea in the industrial environment. The organization has held conversations with several companies, including the glassworks and cement plant interested in this solution. The research and development organization has experience with systems of thermogenerator sets shows that the main problem of this type of installation is the reception of energy from the cold side of thermogenerators. The organization intends to use an adsorption chiller in the project. Such a unit provides cooling at the power consumption acceptable for the system. An external fan cooler cools the unit for ambient temperatures not exceeding a dozen or so degrees; it practically does not use electricity. Advantages and innovation The technological problem that will be solved is the appropriate selection and mastering of a repeatable, effective method of producing materials. Validation of the conditions of the manufacturing process will take place in the process of characterization of semiconductor materials, which will ensure high quality and repeatability of product parameters. Activities focus on the analysis of the construction of module exchangers in terms of the number and type of heating/cooling liquid circulation channels and obtaining uniform temperature distribution of the contact surface with individual thermogenerators. Due to the specific requirements relating to the range of output voltages of individual thermogenerators and the method of determining the operating point at maximum power (MPP), a dedicated converter will be developed to convert DC waveforms into 230 V, 50 Hz power supply network waveforms. he installation will enable any sets of developed thermoelectric generator modules to be included in the heat transfer cycle. Technical Specification or Expertise Sought Knowledge and experience in subject of management of waste heat from industrial installations Framework program Energy Call title and identifier HORIZON-CL5-2024-D4-01-03 Alternative heating systems for efficient, flexible and electrified heat generation in industry Submission and evaluation scheme Anticipated project budget Coordinator required Yes Deadline for EoI 29/03/2024 Deadline of the call 18/04/2024

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