Búsqueda de un socio clínico o académico en investigación del microbioma

Referencia : RDRHU20240322017

Caduca : 31-03-2025


The requestor is a Hungarian software development/R and D company with significant experience in developing HealthTech solutions. The goal of the partnership is to extend the diagnostics capabilities and increase the therapy efficiency provided by the application. We are seeking partners who are eligible to jointly apply for European based research grants in a consortium.

Información adicional

The requestor company has recently developed a software solution that can execute the automated analysis of the correlations between the microbiome composition and certain diseases. The software is able to record clinical data, perform end-to-end microbiome analysis in a user-friendly manner, and exploring the correlations between clinical and next-generation sequencing data by using the expert system module with deep-learning technologies. With the recently developed in-house taxon annotator, the system can make precise phylogenetic analysis about the bacterial community. The 16S rRNA gene browser will be useful in the visualization of the patients’ mutation enrichment. The goal of the sought partnership with possible clinical partners is to extend the diagnostics and therapy tracking capabilities of the developed tool to other disease types. The AI-supported analytic software can enable tracking alterations in the patient s microbiome at each step of their relevant diagnostic process and treatment therapy. This way improved diagnostic results can be achieved, as well as different therapies can be compared and novel biomarkers of therapy efficacy can be identified. The Hungarian SME has already established partnership with a central European university hospital, who provided patient data and actively participates in the medical part of the research. They are looking for similar partners to further expand our research base material. They plan to enroll in upcoming calls for Eureka Eurostar, plus other, local (Central Europe) targeted grants and funds are under consideration. Extensive documentation has already been prepared for fund/grant application. In case of Eurostars, the deadline is 12th September 2024, thus consortium agreements need to be finalized before July 2024. Typical project length is 36 months. Internal application deadline is 3/31/2025 (rolling). They are evaluating multiple funding/grant options in progress. Hospital or other clinical institution with respective patient data, aiming to utilize the result of research as well as the improved software. Advantages and innovation From the designing stages through the development and later deployment of the final product they are focusing on the goal of the United Nations, ’Good Health and Well-being’. Advantages include improved, extended diagnostic options for clinical service providers and practitioners. Increased therapeutic effectiveness due to observable, immediate effects of therapeutic choices resulting from revolutionary, AI supported correlative analysis on microbiome sequenced data. Framework program Health, demographic change and wellbeing Call title and identifier Eurostars or other regional grants (Europe) Submission and evaluation scheme Anticipated project budget Coordinator required No Deadline for EoI 31/03/2025 Deadline of the call 31/03/2025

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