Eurostars: Nueva tecnología para la incorporación de nuevos nanocomposites de plata antimicrobianos en textiles

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Caduca : 2024-02-23 00:00:00


Expert UK SME in antimicrobial nanocoatings has developed a new technology for the incorporation of novel antimicrobial silver nanocoposites onto textiles. The SME is aiming to apply for Eurostars (call 6) competition and looking for Engineering companies for upscaling of its nancomposites from lab to pilot scale and their coating technology.

Información adicional

Antimicrobial fabric technology is an effective way to inhibit growth of bacteria, however, durability and longevity as well as health and safety concerns are major issues. A number of antimicrobial finishes have been developed for the application in textiles. A common method to prevent bacterial growth is to apply antimicrobial chemicals known as biocides., which are normally incorporated into the finished textiles. However, so far no preservative agent has been developed with complete protection and without disadvantages. The SME has previously developed an innovative technology to induce antimicrobial properties to bed sheets by a unique technology of incorporation of their unique antimicrobial nanocomposite onto fabrics and textiles. This technology will extensively reduce the risk of infections and biofilm formations AND reduce the costs for healthcare systems in terms of disinfecting, treatments and durability of the sheets even after several washings as well as low health risks for patients. In this project, the SME will optimise their developed technology for textiles used for linen and bed sheets, check their efficacy and possible cytotoxicity, design and scale up the technology from the lab to pilot and design a small production line for the nanocomposite materials and optimise it for the best possible efficacy and cost effectiveness. The project is designed within five WPs: 1. WP1-Project Management; WP leader UK SME 2. WP2- Process optimisation and validation: laboratory process optimisation and efficacy, biocompatibility validation; WP leader: UK SME 3. WP3- Process & Mechanisms for Pilot Production; the preparation of active ingredients for coating and prototyping; WP leader: EU Partner 4. WP4- Exploitation and regulatory assessments, IP registration filing for CE/UKCA marking; WP leader: UK SME 5. WP5-Completion of pilot plant and Prototyping; WP leader: EU partner Advantages and innovation The novel silver nanocomposite and its incorporation technology onto textiles developed by the SME have proven the following advantages compared to current competitors’ products: 1. Low use of silver compared to metallic silver coated textiles (e.g. Acticoat from Smith&Nephew) AND silver chloride based product (e.g. Silvershield from Microban) while keeping enhanced antimicrobial properties. 2. Lower cytotoxicity than commercial products such as Acticoat as tested on human cell lines 3. Cost effective product due to minimum use of silver and other costly materials (at least 70% cheaper) 4. Simple coating technology for most textiles leading to low manufacturing costs 5. Environmentally friendly materials and coating technology Technical Specification or Expertise Sought The SME is looking for partners in the field of Chemical Engineering capable of process and production design for upscaling of the lab process for the preparation of the developed nanocomposite and their incorporation/attachment onto textiles. In this project, a small scale production line (e.g. 100Kg/week) is targeted. The chemical process involves four steps of reaction, washing and decanting/centrifuging. The process may involve strong acids and oxidizing/reducing agents. The active row material will then be used for the attachment onto fabrics via a simple one step process during the textile manufacturing followed by washing. Either SMEs with material engineering background and production technology who are interested in antimicrobial coatings AND/OR textile manufacturers with interests and capabilities of above or have access to them are particularly sought. Framework program Eureka Call title and identifier EUREKA call 6 Eurostars Submission and evaluation scheme Anticipated project budget Coordinator required No Deadline for EoI 23/02/2024 Deadline of the call 14/03/2024

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