Eurostars: Desarrollo de una estación solar de recarga para robots

Referencia : RDRES20240119006

Caduca : 2024-03-04 00:00:00


A Spanish SME specialized in the development of autonomous robots for industrial enviroments inspection and surveillance, wants to build a new solar powered smart station in order to increase robot s autonomy and operation times . The new station, will increase operation time in zones with no power grid connection and, autonomy in clients with no mainenance crew.Powered by solar energy with the additional cleaning and maintaince functions, the new station will open new operative scenarios.

Información adicional

Autonomous robots are becoming more and more widespread in our society and more and more companies are choosing to purchase products or services provided by robotic systems. Currently, robot manufacturers provide proprietary charging systems, which usually must be installed in a dry and protected area, as well as connected to the power grid. In addition, many of these robots operate in outdoor areas and are therefore exposed to rain, dust, mud, and dirt in general. This situation causes degradation and malfunction of the main sensors of the robot, the cameras, and LiDAR sensors. The Spanish SME leads the preparation of a proposal to create an intelligent charging station, which also fulfills the function of maintenance and cleaning through a system of controlled jets of water and air to increase the autonomy of these robotic systems, as well as to provide coverage to remote areas that do not have an electrical socket nearby. So, the consortium is looking for a partner specialized in solar energy. The main contributions of the partner could be: • Sizing of the electrical and energy storage system and advice on the installation of the solar panels. • Providing a solution to problems concerning the dirtiness of the panels and their performance in dusty and dirty conditions, taking into account that complete maintenance of the installation will be carried out once a year. The targeted call is EUROSTARS 3 - Call, 6 which deadline is 14/03/2024 Deadline for expression of interest is 04/03/2024 Advantages and innovation The development of a new smart station through the integration of state of the art technologies will allow to fill the gaps of the company robots when considering new user cases and operations ranges. The new advantages and innovations will be oriented to: * Increase autonomy capacity. A 20% increase of robot operative cycle, is expected to be reached thanks to the inclusion of solar energy capture, storage and conversion systems. Robustness (shock proof), efficiency and dimension criteria will prevail initially when considering desired designed operative outcomes for automatic docking and recharge funcionalities. * Cleaning and maintenance functionalities will be realized during stock docking and recharging increasing and mantaining operative capacities of IOT and sensors systems of the considered robots. Though initially this functions will cover basic cleaning and preventive mantainance activities, its automatization will help to increase more than 20% the opeartive indicators for the systems considered. This functionalities will include a smart data input system that will appropiate ML/AI tools will generate new alternatives for increasing operative functions . . Technical Specification or Expertise Sought Expertise in solar panels maintenance, or with a previous developed solution to problems concerning the dirtiness of the panels and their performance in dusty and dirty conditions. Framework program Eureka Call title and identifier Eurostars 3 - Call 6 Submission and evaluation scheme Two stages process. Proposal are submitted and evaluated at Eureka level and afterwards at the associated country national_ s funding body level. Anticipated project budget 450k€ for partner estimated Coordinator required No Deadline for EoI 04/03/2024 Deadline of the call 14/03/2024 Project duration in weeks 106 Web link to the call Project title and acronym StarHome – Developing a smart and autonomous recharge station powered by solar energy for recharge, clean and maintain ground robots.

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