Erasmus+: Participación activa de la juventud en combatir discursos de odio y conductas racistas online

Referencia : RDRES20240116009

Caduca : 2024-02-27 00:00:00


The project is dedicated to inspiring active youth involvement in the fight against online hate speech and racist behaviours. The key focus lies in developing a comprehensive methodology to empower young people to sensitize their peers. Young people with migrant background will be capacitated to impart workshops on counteracting hate speech. They will put into practice their learnings in formal and non-formal education centres. Those students, in turn, will create their own online campaigns.

Información adicional

In the last years, Europe has witnessed a rise in hate speech, a significant part of which occurs and spreads online. It is necessary to raise public awareness of the importance of embracing diversity, but also to surpass that and promote the engagement of individuals who identify and actively oppose and counteract hate speech. Recognizing this, our project wants to create a methodology that promotes a cascade sensitization and activation of youngsters. It wants to capacitate young people aged 18 to 30 years old with migrant background to become human rights promoters. They would impart workshops on hate speech in formal and non-formal educational centres to young people aged 13 to 17 years old. In turn, those youngsters would themselves create campaigns to sensitize the community. The project will include the creation of the methodology; pedagogical resources for human rights promoters, educators and youth; a pilot and an evaluation. It will also have a strong dissemination element. Advantages and innovation - It proposes a methodology that uses a cascade scheme, where youngsters capacitate other youngsters and in turn, they sensitize the community. - It contributes to create different narratives of the people directly affected by hate speech, reinforcing their role as inspiring models rather than victims. - It uses a community service approach to enhance the capacity of youngsters to identify hate speech and to counteract it. - It capacitates youngsters with digital skills, contributing to a safer and more inclusive online environment. - It fosters a positive attitude towards civic engagement among young people by offering an experiential opportunity, showing that participation can be impactful and fun. - It provides a first working experience to young newcomers as human rights workshop facilitators in a controlled and empowering environment. Technical Specification or Expertise Sought We are searching for: - Education or leisure time organisations that work with young people, including youngsters with a migrant background, and have strong commitment to social transformation, youth empowerment and community service/service learning. - Research organisation or other entities focused on community service/sevice learning, education methodologies, discrimination and hate speech and/or civic engagement of young people. - Media organisations committed to counteracting hate speech. Framework program ERASMUS+ Call title and identifier KA220-YOU (Erasmus + Cooperation partnerships in youth) Submission and evaluation scheme Anticipated project budget Coordinator required No Deadline for EoI 27/02/2024 Deadline of the call 05/03/2024

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