EIC Transition: Nueva sincronización para aplicaciones de alta frecuencia (10-100 GHz)

Referencia : RDRDE20231211007

Caduca : 2024-03-31 00:00:00


Based on a previous European-funded project that used a novel adaptive synchronization approach (ADSYNX, https://adsynx.de/), the R&D institution has developed a non-linear – thus, very fast – method, relying on only a few operations, which are compatible with the implementation in RF (radio frequency) systems, allowing for highly efficient multi-channel signal synchronization. This method has, thus, the potential to replace the – often cumbersome – conventional PLL technology.

Información adicional

New applications within the scope of mobile communication, smart home / smart city / smart factory, autonomous driving but also hu-man-robot-interaction trigger novel requirements on sensing accu-racy as well as high bandwidth communication within limited fre-quency resources. The core functionality of many such systems is the use of (a) several frequency bands and (b) the employment of multiple, spatially distributed units. Here coherent processing, hence processing with stable and fixed phase relations between the signals, provides significant advantages w.r.t. signal-to-noise-ratio and resolution. This, however, requires synchronization between the different units without which stable phase relations cannot be maintained Synchronization today is realized by exchanging data (e.g., pilot signals) and locking individual PLLs at the respective units. For many applications, this approach is too complex and too slow). ➔ Thus, new synchronization paradigms are crucial in order to assure the required high per-formance. ➔ Furthermore, for the cost-effective realization (especially at higher frequencies), on-chip so-lutions in advanced semiconductor processes are required. Advantages and innovation Technical Specification or Expertise Sought The research institution is looking for partnering opportunities to achieve the following two main goals: 1) Further development of a newly introduced adaptive synchronization method towards on-chip synchronization-applications for several use cases. 2) Maturation of this technology to at least TRL7 and demonstration of market readiness. The research institute is seeking at least one more partner • To provide a use-case with an application domain in (1) automotive, (2) sensing (e.g. joint-communication and sensing, JCAS), (3) massive IoT. • To integrate the ADSYNX chip into their application • To contribute to market assessment. Framework program Horizon Europe Call title and identifier EIC Transition Submission and evaluation scheme Anticipated project budget Coordinator required No Deadline for EoI 31/03/2024 Deadline of the call 08/04/2024 Project duration in weeks Web link to the call https://eic.ec.europa.eu/eic-funding-opportunities/eic-transition_en

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