The proposal goes in parallel with the two initiatives launched by the European Commission: The creation of the Researcher s Mobility Portal and the setting up of the European Network of Mobility Centres (ERAMORE).

The objective of these new instruments is to remove obstacles to the mobility of researchers to encourage more mobile human resources and to enhance the attractiveness of Europe to foreign researchers. The initiatives will serve at offering researchers and their families with accurate information and assistance on their activity, when moving to another country.

This work programme aims at the implementation of the Network of Mobility Centres in Spain, the ultimate goal is to encourage more mobile human resources and to enhance the attractiveness of Spain to foreign researchers. The work programme has been designed bearing in mind the results of the mapping exercise of existing services carried out throughout Spain, the characteristics of the administration in Spain  and the integration of the national network in ERAMORE Spain is a federal-type of state with seventeen regional governments having their own competencies in several areas such as education (including university studies) and health. Research competencies still remain with the central government. In addition to this most of the regional governments have their own R&D regional plans and calls for proposals

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  • Human resources and Mobility in the specific programme for research, technological development and demonstration "Structuring the European Research Area" under the Sixth Framework Programme 2002-2006
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