Urgente: Eureka Xecs: Desarrollo de un motor sin imanes y su eje impulsor

Referencia RDRTR20230123012

Caduca 30/01/2023

Consortium which consist of a tech company and one of the biggest OEM in EU is looking for partner to design the motor s driver and produce the prototype. Project will be submitted to Xecs Calls 2. Deadline of project outline submission is 23.02.2023

Within the scope of the project, a magnet free motor and the driver of this motor will be developed. The motor will have the rotor wound synchronous motor technology. Thus, rare-earth elements will not be present in the manufacture of the motor. At the end of the project, both the motor and the driver must comply with automotive standards.
Motor Specifications:
• Nominal Power: 6 Kw
• Suplly Voltage: 48 Vdc
• Other features are hidden in company confidentiality.
Advantages and innovation
Since the rotor wound synchronous reluctance motor will be developed within the scope of the project, it is new technology to the magnet motors currently used. In addition to all these, the slip rings of the motor will be designed as brushless. This will reduce the risk of fire and require less maintenance.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought
Consortium expects the supplier to design the motor_ s driver and produce the prototype. The designed driver must comply with automotive standards and the tests specified by the standards must be performed. It is preferable for us that the supplier has designed a synchronous reluctance motor before.
Framework program
Call title and identifier
Xecs Call 2
Submission and evaluation scheme
Anticipated project budget
Coordinator required
Deadline for EoI
Deadline of the call

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