HORIZON CL4-2024-TWIN TRANSITION 01-32: Optimización de flujos de energía térmica en la industria de procesos

Referencia RDRES20231110008

Caduca 30/11/2023


A Spanish Research & Development (RTD) centre represents a specific use case involving an international consortium including key industrial partners of the non-ferrous sector, that can complement any other use case related to this topic, summing up in the successful presentation of a high impact proposal.

RTD centre is a private non-profit institution specialized, in technologies and metallic materials developments for process industry sectors: engineering, ferrous and non-ferrous.

Información adicional

During the manufacturing process of high value added non-ferrous parts, energy is consumed as electricity and natural gas to provide steam, low temperature and high temperature in different process stages. During this process different residual heat streams are generated, and the contained energy is not recycled.
The non-ferrous use case deploys a holistic solution involving all process stages. This solution incorporates heat exchangers, BTES technology, heat pumps and a smart energy management system. The solution is applied to:
• Recover waste energy in residual heat streams to achieve higher levels of energy efficiency.
• Reduce energy consumption in different process stages introducing more efficient high and low temperature heat pumps and thus substituting fossil fuel energy sources.
Additional use cases are necessary to complete the consortium based in any of the other process industries sector of Process4planet partnership: cement, ceramics, chemicals, engineering, steel, minerals, pulp and paper, refining, or water. The new/innovative technologies to be applied in all use cases must assure the integration and adaption of heat exchanger and heat pumps in the technical solutions.
RTD center fully committees to support in the preparation of the common chapters of the proposal, the description of the activities linked with the non-ferrous use case and the coordination of their integration with the activities resulting from the other use cases.
Modelling, digitalization and environmental impact evaluation would be transversal aspects tying up the different use cases.
Advantages and innovation
The use case allows to develop a holistic solution for the industrial plant, incorporating in cascade energy recovery and interconnecting technologies. The development is supported in the integration of new materials, advance modelling and data analytics. The complete solution achieves a significant reduction of GHG emission and increment of the energy efficiency in the process industry.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought
• The ideal partners should be a combination of RTD+industrial partners incorporating technologies and ICT solutions in specific use cases that could also complement the developments in the non-ferrous use case.
• A coordinator of the proposal is sought.
Framework program
Horizon Europe
Call title and identifier
HORIZON CL4-2024-TWIN TRANSITION 01-32: Optimization of thermal energy flows in the process industry
Submission and evaluation scheme
Unique Stage
Anticipated project budget
10-15 M €
Coordinator required
Deadline for EoI
Deadline of the call
Project duration in weeks
Web link to the call
Project title and acronym
To be defined

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