ERA-MIN Materias primas para el desarrollo sostenible y la economía circular

Referencia ERA_MIN_Joint _Call _2023

Caduca 30/03/2023

The ERA-MIN Joint Transnational Call 2023 presents a funding opportunity for companies, universities, research institutes, NGOs and public authorities that wish to propose research and innovation actions within the theme of “raw materials for sustainable development and the circular economy” at transnational level.

The scope of the 2023 Call is needs-driven research on minerals and metals extracted from primary or secondary sources, specifically non-fuel, non-food raw materials (metallic minerals; construction materials and industrial minerals), addressing one or several areas of the raw materials sustainability scheme. Both technical and non-technical ideas are supported with the aim of retaining the value of the raw materials that are used in products and returning them into the product cycle at the end of
their use, keeping in mind the need for an environmentally and socially sustainable and responsible industrial supply of primary and secondary resources.
The five main call topics and the 19 sub-topics are:
• Topic 1. Supply of raw materials from exploration and mining
1.1 Innovative exploration methods
1.2 More sustainable mining operations,
1.3 Improved environmental management of mines
1.4 Efficient mineral processing and metallurgy
1.5 Mine closure, remediation and remining of tailings and waste rock
• Topic 2. Strengthening the Circular Economy
2.1 Product design for resource efficiency, including substitution
2.2 End-of-life products pre-processing: collection, logistics, pre-treatment, dismantling, sorting, characterisation
2.3 Reuse, repair, refurbishing, repurposing and remanufacturing of end-of-life products
2.4 Recovery and urban mining of raw materials from end-of-life products or other wastes,
2.5 Life-cycle-analysis of raw materials
2.6 New business models (implementing circular economy aspects)
• Topic 3. Processing, Production and ICT
3.1 Increase resource efficiency in resource intensive production processes
3.2 Increase resource efficiency, recycling and reuse of products using information and communication technologies
• Topic 4. Environmental assessment, climate and policy development for sustainability
4.1 Improvement of methods or data for environmental, social and health impact assessment
4.2 Policy development for primary and secondary raw material industry
4.3 Energy-saving and climate action
• Topic 5. Social sustainability in health, safety and public perception
5.1 Social acceptance and trust/public perception of the raw materials industry
5.2 Health and safety issues
5.3. Gender equality in the raw materials secto

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