Senior computational scientist to join the Proteomic Core Facility at EMBL Heidelberg

We are Europe’s flagship research laboratory for the life sciences – an intergovernmental organisation performing scientific research in disciplines including molecular biology, physics, chemistry and computer science. We are an international, innovative and interdisciplinary laboratory with approx. 2 000 employees from many nations, operating across six sites, in Heidelberg (HQ), Barcelona, Hinxton near Cambridge, Hamburg, Grenoble and Rome.

Your role

We are looking for a senior computational scientist to join the Proteomic Core Facility at EMBL Heidelberg. The Proteomic Core Facility provides scientific support for scientists at EMBL-Heidelberg and its outstations, in the areas of proteomics and structural biology. We offer services in the characterization of proteins and peptides by mass spectrometry, for which we have a range of mass spectrometers and nano-flow liquid chromatography systems. This results in generation of large-scale datasets that need to be processed in a high-quality, reproducible and timely manner. The successful candidate will further develop and maintain an analysis pipeline for diverse proteomics workflows at the EMBL proteomics core facility.

This will involve establishing automatic workflows for file handling, tracing and archiving of results, tracking quality and reproducibility of experimental workflows and machine performance, algorithmic implementation/development and developing bioinformatics solutions for novel proteomics strategies.

Furthermore, this also includes the development of easy to use tools for automated processing and search of raw files and routine data analysis tasks. Elaborate statistical data analysis needs to be produced and discussed with customers for all quantitative projects (about 1 per day) of the facility.

Moreover, the candidate should actively contribute to the further development of the facility by continuously and proactively identifying new areas of improvement and implementing them.

The candidate should also actively engage and identify new areas of collaborations between facilities and proteomics software developers and also actively participate and contribute to meetings with international facility networks.

Aside from computational qualifications the candidate should also have deep insight into the experimental workflows and be able to assist users already at the experimental design stage of their experiments.

A theoretical and practical knowledge of mass spectrometry instruments will be necessary to help out with routine machine maintenance tasks to ensure continuous operation of the facility. The core facility increasingly uses automated experimental workflows.

The candidate should support these efforts in order to further optimize and streamline the routine workflows. The proteomics core facility is teaching local and international courses on areas ranging from sample preparation to data analysis.

The candidate should actively contribute to these courses by organizing and teaching them as well as further developing the content to stay up to date.

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