1oral position on flow and transport hydrogeological modelling, groundwater quality assessment and development of groundwater-based adaptation strategies

The Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA-CSIC) is looking for a 1oral researcher to work on collaborative research projects funded by international (PRIMA-2023) and national (TRANSMISIONES-2023) calls.

Overall, projects address groundwater related issues (quantity and quality) under the current context of global change, and are focused, among others, on the development of numerical models (catchment and local scales) for predicting (i) the impact of climate change on groundwater resources and (ii) the evolution of inorganic and organic pollutants, assessment of groundwater potential uses considering quality aspects and the development of adaptation solutions to climate change and mitigation strategies against its consequences on water resources.

The candidate must hold a PhD in hydrogeology or related fields.


Groundwater modelling (flow, transport and reactive transport processes), fate and transport of organic contaminants in the subsurface and expertise on statistical methods and basic programming in the field of earth science are required.
Previous expertise working in scientific projects and groundwater related field work (sampling, monitoring and tests).
Ability to work independently but also strong team skills and commitment to help to mentor PhD candidates are required.
Advanced spoken and written English is required.
Ability to work in collaborative projects with partners from other disciplines and/or countries.
To disseminate scientific results through scientific papers and the participation in conferences.
Working conditions

Contract duration: 2 years
Estimated annual gross salary: From 30,000€ to 38,000€ (depending on expertise and competences)
Target start date: As soon as possible, no later than 1st June

How to apply?

Those interested may email their CV and motivation letter to Dr. Anna Jurado and Dr. Estanislao Pujades at anna.jurado@idaea.csic.es and estanislao.pujades@idaea.csic.es, adding “2024-M1postdoc” to the email subject. Please, remember to include 2-3 references in the CV.

Deadline: 16 February 2024

Procedencia : Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research

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