EMBL CPP Visitor Fellowships (for external PhDs and postdocs)

Trainee and Internships
All EMBL Sites (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain)
Reference number: HD02519

EMBL is among the world’s highest ranked scientific research organisations aimed to explore the secrets of life. EMBL integrates 27 member states and employs close to 1800 people across its six research sites in Barcelona, Cambridge (Hinxton), Grenoble, Hamburg, Heidelberg, and Rome. Its headquarters is located in Heidelberg (Germany) and integrate both research groups and core facilities.

Training of the next generation of scientists is one of EMBL’s key missions. The EMBL Corporate Partnership Programme invites applications for short-term fellowships to enable junior level scientific visitors (active PhD/postdoc fellows) to carry out experimental projects with an EMBL host research group, thereby allowing them to build new networks, experience the international and interactive environment at EMBL, in addition to experiencing progress of their own research goals.

These CPP fellowships are run by the Scientific Visitor Programme Office to provide logistic and organisational support to successful awardees before and during their stay. The funds are provided as reimbursements against cost and are flexible with other funding sources available to the awardees (i.e. can act as a top-up) – as long as all sources of funding are declared to the Scientific Visitor Programme office.

Your role

The successful fellow(s) is/are hosted by an EMBL research group, where they will successfully undertake the research project proposed in the application form, in conjunction with their EMBL group leader.

You have
- Currently employed as a Ph.D or a 1oral researcher at a recognised institution of research or education, anywhere around the world
- Must be employed and return to home institution upon completion of project at EMBL

You might also have

The CPP fellowships are flexible funds which can be used to top-up other sources of funding available to you - to undertake a research secondment to EMBL.

The status of such funds already available to you will have no bearing on the outcome of your fellowship application.

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