Unit of European Health Projects

The Unit of European Health Projects of the Principality of Asturias (UPS-Asturias) is an initiative funded by the programme “Europe Networks and Managers” of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (resolution adopted on July 2014)

Us The main aims of UPS-Asturias are to increase the internationalization of the research groups of the Public Health System in Asturias, and to support and promote cutting-edge medical research. The specific objectives of our support office are:

  1. to boost and foster excellent research in health and medicine by increasing the number of research groups in hospitals that participate in European and other R&D funding programmes
  2. to enhance the leadership capacity, excellence and internationalization of the researchers by improving not only the number and the quality of the proposals, but also the success rates
  3. to provide the tools and support necessary to facilitate the participation of research groups at asturian hospitals in H2020 and other European funding programmes

Following the agreement signed with the Ministry of Health of the Principality of Asturias, the Unit of European Health Projects of FICYT is the entity that manages European projects granted to the research groups in the Public Health System. This makes easier the implementation and justification of the projects, and releases researchers from the bureaucratic burden.


  • Update of new calls and topics in Horizon 2020 and other European Programmes to strength and foster excellent research in health and medicine
  • Service of partner search to set up consortia for projects that are coordinated by researchers in the Public Health Services of Asturias
  • Periodic dissemination of partner searches for participation in European consortia
  • Support on writing and submission of proposals to EU funding programmes
  • Carrying out administrative procedures for recruitment of personnel, purchase of goods or subcontracting
  • Management and economic justification of European projects granted to researchers in the Public Health Services of Asturias
  • Promoting the participation of researchers as experts to assist on the evaluation of proposals and monitoring actions, as well as in the preparation, implementation or evaluation of Horizon 2020 and other EU funding programmes


Inscribed in the Register of Educational and Cultural Foundations of General Interest of the Principality of Asturias (N掳33 / FDC0035).


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