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75 European regions from 22 countries have been recognized as a Reference Site of the European Association for Innovation in Active and Healthy Aging (EIP on AHA). The participation in this association recognizes the contribution of the partners to keep the partnership alive and add value through collaborative efforts towards excellence in AHA. The European Commission has developed a set of "EIP on AHA recognition marks” which are granted to assess the commitment of all these regions to excellence in research and implementation of innovative digital solutions for the promotion and improvement of AHA.

In Spain there are currently 13 Reference Sites including Asturias, Andalucia, Catalonia, Madrid, Galicia, Basque Country, Valencian Community, Barcelona, Tarrasa, Aragon, Badalona, Murcia and Baleares Islands. Eight institutions from Asturias has been awarded two stars including:


Inscribed in the Register of Educational and Cultural Foundations of General Interest of the Principality of Asturias (N°33 / FDC0035).


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