European Programmes

FICYT provides advice and technical support to organizations and companies of the Principality of Asturias that are interested in participating in R+D programmes. FICYT offers:

  • support for identifying the most suitable topic of Horizon 2020 or other EU funding programmes for a project idea
  • support for elaboration of proposals (structure of the project, dissemination and communication plan, budget, etc) and / or development of projects
  • service of partner search at national and/or international level, and advice for setting up consortia
  • support in the stage of preparation and submission of proposals
  • support to research centers and companies for their integration into projects as partners in Horizon 2020 or other European funding Programmes, including support to coordinators

Partner search

Most of the European calls require a consortium with a minimum of 3 partners. Whether you would like to participate as a partner in a project that has been developed, or you would like to publish your own profile to participate as partner, you can access databases that will help you to contact researchers or organizations all over the world.

Partner search tool

Events and News

Information on the main workshops, conferences, conferences and other events



If you have a project idea, we can help you finding partners or in locating European consortiums that require partners for your project.
Disseminate your profile through the Enterprise Europe Network.



FICYT can check eligibility criteria for the call you would like to submit your project, and can advice you on the following steps to take according to the stage of development of your idea.


FICYT is the regional contact point for the H2020´s SME Instrument. FICYT has been designated by the European Commission as KAM (Key Account Manager) in order to advise Asturian SMEs that receive funding from SME Instrument.

FICYT coordinates and leads the consortium Galactea-Plus which comprises partners in Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla-Leon and Galicia. Galactea-Plus is part of the Enterprise Europe Network which is a European network consisting of more than 600 organizations in more than 50 countries. From a local geographical perspective, Galactea-Plus promotes innovation and transnational competitiveness by encouraging European companies and research centers to transfer technology and innovation and to participate in Horizon 2020 or any other European programmes.


Inscribed in the Register of Educational and Cultural Foundations of General Interest of the Principality of Asturias (N掳33 / FDC0035).


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