DIGIT (I3-2021-INV1 e I3-2021-INV2) –Desarrollo de soluciones innovadoras para la digitalización de negocios y servicios digitales

Referencia RDRIT20220328049

Caduca 16/09/2022

The Italian company designs, builds, tests and sells hydraulic valves with the following features: innovation, quality, durability, entirely made in Italy.
The wide range of valves includes: counterbalance valves, in-line valves, cartridge valves, insert valves, hand pumps & flow diverters, hydraulic components.
The hydraulic products are used for applications in industry, earth moving, mobile, lifting movement and agriculture. International targets are both hydraulic distributors and OEM manufacturers in the above applications.
The Company is able to supply both standard hydraulic valves (interchangeable with other industry brands) and customized components for specific requirements.
The I3 call for proposals targets investments in businesses in order to unlock digital growth potential and deploy innovative solutions, to improve the accessibility and the efficiency of services and bridge the persisting digital divide.
In particular, the investment area “Digital economy innovation” addresses the deployment of innovative solutions for businesses digitalisation and digital services, ICT, B2B up-take in SMEs, and “digital based” open innovation in the framework of smart specialisation. To that end, the involvement of the Italian company is also in line with Regional Strategic Document (DSR), Regional Operational Plan (PR), Digital Agenda and the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) of the E-R Region, addressing two regional and national priority (i.e., digital transition and sustainability), and the national Data Strategy, encouraging the adoption of digital technology, the generation, collection and processing of data, the potential use of Artificial Intelligence especially in manufacturing.
The partner sought should have expertise and experience with the implementation of procedural digital export policies (based on the coordination of different strategic tools), and\or the development of innovative projects on working methods and processes in the technical area.
Advantages and innovation
The partners of the company have a proven track record (over 20 years) within international market of hydraulic components.
The competitive advantage lies in proprietary know-how, a wide range of valves, on-time delivery and the design of special parts according to customer drawings.
The design and construction of hydraulic components, is the result of years of solid technical experience in the hydraulic field.
Framework program
International cooperation
Call title and identifier
Innovation investments Strand 1 (I3-2021-INV1); Innovation investments Strand 2 (I3-2021-INV2)
Submission and evaluation scheme
I3-PJG I3 Project Grants
Anticipated project budget
Coordinator required
Deadline for EoI
Deadline of the call

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