Empresa búlgara busca socios para presentar un proyecto Erasmus+, KA220-VET

Referencia RDRBG20220816009

Caduca 15/08/2023

The Bulgarian company is experienced in dealing with projects for funding and consultancy support for start-up businesses, as well as VET for young people and is now willing to submit a project proposal under Erasmus+ call KA220-VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training in the field of environment and combating climate change.
In the context of achieving the priorities of the Green Deal and the geopolitical events of recent months, it is clear that the only move for businesses seeking sustainable development is to switch to alternative energy sources and achieve the highest possible degree of energy independence. According to data from local associations in Bulgaria, energy transformation is easier in large companies and more difficult in small and medium-sized enterprises. Switching from traditional energy sources to alternative energy sources is often capital-intensive, which prevents companies with limited budgets, especially in the current inflationary environment, from taking decisive action in this direction. The project proposal of the Bulgarian company aims to ease to some extent the decision-making in SMEs for their transition to green energy and easier green transformation. The main goal of the project is to improve the training of decision-making managers in enterprises. With the help of project results, they will be able to more easily make an informed decision about their company_ s green transformation and alternative energy options.
Expected outputs:
1. Test to assess the current state of the enterprise and its level of green transformation and energy efficiency.
2. A handbook that will contain a list of alternative energy sources, which will be systematized by price category and degree of satisfaction of the enterprise_ s energy needs.
3. Guidance on local funding opportunities in project partner countries and funding opportunities through EU programs
4. A collection of good practices of successfully implemented green transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises.
5. One live presentation at local level to local companies of the project results in each of the project partners countries.
6. One international webinar that will be held online and will include representatives from all project partners countries
7. Online self-training course on improvement of green transformation.
The Bulgarian company is looking for project partners to submit the proposal.

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