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LIFE-2021-CET-MAINSTREAM: Integración de la financiación de la energía sostenible y del rendimiento energético en los criterios y normas de financiación sostenible de la UE


Caduca 12/01/2022

Proposals should address at least one of the 2 scopes detailed below.

Scope A:

Proposals should mainstream and de-risk sustainable energy investments with a particular focus on private finance stakeholders, through actions including but not limited to:

support to securitisation of assets linked to sustainable energy with a particular focus on energy efficiency, e.g. through Green Bonds issuance
integration of long-termism and sustainability risks, including transition risks, and multiple benefits of sustainable energy into decision-making tools (e.g. internal risk models) of private investors in line with the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals
exploring the impact of revised risk ratings and requirements for energy efficiency on financial regulations including the current banking and insurance prudential frameworks
harmonisation, aggregation, and mainstreaming of existing market practices through de-risking private investments in sustainable energy as well as simplification of the investment process for investors
activities focusing on data such as data collected through the Energy Performance Certificates, energy audits, smart meters, contracts with finance and/or energy service providers, as well as ex ante and ex post energy and financial performance data of investment, connected wherever possible to the De-risking Energy Efficiency Platform (DEEP) []:
high quality data collection and/or analysis leading to refinement of investor risk models or access to specific financing schemes
improvement of quality and interoperability of data including through standardisation of measurement units
facilitation of high quality data collection and reporting for project developers
creation of data governance frameworks leading to improvement of availability of relevant data including open access solutions
incorporation of energy related sustainability preferences and/or increasing access to financial markets by retail investors
development and application of digital solutions including financial technology and algorithms facilitating energy-performance-based financing schemes

Scope B:

The proposed actions should focus on alignment or overachievement of the EU sustainable finance requirements in the field of sustainable energy investment through actions including but not limited to:

development and support to implementation of labelling and certification schemes including methodologies and tools for any one or more of the following: benchmarking, tagging, monitoring of investment performance, and disclosure of investment data set out in the EU sustainable finance legislation
measures accelerating compliance or overachievement of the EU sustainable finance requirements by private investors and/or companies including support to sustainable energy project developers’ response to private investors’ needs and practices with a focus on technical and regulatory considerations (e.g. development of closer connections between technical standards and accounting and disclosure reporting)
enhancement of transparent and regular integration of sustainable energy-related metrics in the market for sustainability assessment tools in view of the variety of ratings, research, scenario-analysis and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) benchmarks that are offered by specialized agencies
targeted support to sustainable energy finance related activities by regulatory bodies and the supervisory authorities
support to sustainable investment portfolio analysis based on granular and reliable data in order to increase transparency of sustainable energy investment strategies and markets

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