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LIFE-2021-CET-HOMERENO: Servicios integrados de renovación de viviendas

Referencia LIFE_2021_CET_HOMERENO

Caduca 12/01/2022

Projects funded under this topic are expected to address, but are not be limited to, the following aspects:

1. Improve market conditions and develop integrated home renovation services offers to:
Reduce complexity, simplify decision making for homeowners to stimulate demand for building renovation and energy performance improvements
Create, coordinate and/or optimise the services required along building energy performance investment processes
Connect all actors in the value chain (e.g. construction companies, architects, engineers, urban planners, financers, etc.)
Streamline access to various support measures, especially where there is support for specific target groups (e.g. energy poor households)
Improve awareness and trust towards such integrated services, through clear accountability, quality assurance and dedicated consumer protection policies.

2. Develop a self-sustained business model:
Integration of services can be developed through dedicated operators (new public or public/private entity or mandated private operators) and/or through an improved co-ordination between existing local actors
The prospect of economically viable business models is expected, targeting self-sustainability in the medium to long term, i.e. ultimately running without subsidies to cover running costs.

3. Provide methods and support:
Build expertise and organisational innovations needed for project development
Reduce costs and time on-site through standardised approaches (e.g. optimized business processes, standardised contractual arrangements, branding of the proposed services etc.)
Ensure cost effectiveness and price transparency of services provided to homeowners
Support the streamlining of standards and practices into consistent and transparent processes investors can rely on, and overall improve financing conditions.

4. Communicate results:
Mainstream innovative technical and organisational solutions, adapted to local context
Help improve legal and regulatory environments
Demonstrate a high degree of replicability and include a clear action plan to communicate experiences and results towards potential replicators across the EU.

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