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LIFE-2021-CET-AUDITS: Adopción de recomendaciones de auditorías energéticas para la transición energética de las empresas

Referencia LIFE_2021_CET_AUDITS

Caduca 12/01/2022

Proposals should implement tailor-made support activities covering the whole process from energy audit to implementation of measures, and potentially beyond, leading to a significant increase in the rate of concrete implementation of audit recommendations.

Depending on the readiness level of the targeted companies, proposals may deliver operational support directly to companies as a service, or tailored capacity building and advisory to company staff (both at management and operational level), provided that activities lead to the actual implementation of the recommended measures.

Support to companies could include:

Energy scans and detailed energy audits, based on sector-specific benchmarks
Analysis and evaluation of the multiple benefits of energy efficiency (resource efficiency, comfort, health, productivity, staff satisfaction, reputation, etc.)
Formulation of the strategic value for management (risk mitigation, link to company core business and to environmental, social, and corporate governance)
Support in managing the engineering phase
Matchmaking with finance in terms of public grants but also bank loans and potentially private investors
Support to company staff (technical services, top management, financial departments) could include capacity building and advisory, for example on:

Enhancement of corporate culture at all levels towards greener objectives
Change management and re-organisation
Embedding sustainable energy into the corporate communication strategy
Promoting the use of digital solutions, including EMSs based on ISO 50001, in order to achieve higher efficiency, more precision on data of consumption/savings, and better preparation for the uptake of demand/response services
Other activities at the sector / territory level may include the following, provided they are instrumental to the uptake of energy audit recommendations :

Surveys and benchmarking to identify target companies
Aggregation of individual companies / measures to reach a critical size and make them more attractive to Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and private financiers
Standardisation of processes and documentation from the technical and financial point of view
Capacity building for all actors involved internally and/or externally
Proposals should clearly identify and justify the economic sectors (NACE), size of enterprises and/or territories on which they focus and demonstrate the adequacy of their proposed approach. They should also demonstrate the support and active involvement of key stakeholders, such as professional federations, local and regional authorities, chambers of commerce, etc.

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