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Línea de financiación en Horizonte Europa: Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades en clima, energía y movilidad

Referencia HORIZON-CL5-2021-D2-01-13

Caduca 19/10/2021

HORIZON-CL5-2021-D2-01-13: Fortalecimiento de las comunidades de investigación en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades (SSH) en las disciplinas de clima, energía y movilidad

Confronting the threat of global warming and transitioning to carbon neutrality by mid-century requires research and innovation in a number of distinct but interconnected areas, notably in climate science, energy, and mobility. Along with technological innovations, successful solutions need to factor in changing lifestyles, social innovation, forms of behaviour, value structures, governance arrangements at institutional or corporate levels, as well as forms of social organisation. This calls for concerted, multi-disciplinary approaches that are rooted in a variety of academic disciplines but also draw in and engage policymakers at various levels, the private sector, civil society and citizens at large.

Projects are expected to contribute to the following outcomes:

• Research and innovation communities focusing on Social Science and Humanities (SSH) approaches to climate, energy and mobility as well as on citizen engagement and empowerment are less fragmented and better networked across Europe, including with respect to Eastern and Southern Europe.

• A targeted strategy for intensifying collaboration between Scientific, Technical, Engineering and Mathematical (STEM) and Social Science and Humanities (SSH) research and innovation communities has led to more and more in-depth interdisciplinary work.

• Dedicated outreach and engagement activities (e.g. co-creation processes and greater dissemination of best practices and challenges), have produced strong links to principal stakeholder communities, including policymakers at various levels, the private sector, academia, civil society, and citizens at large.

• Project activities have lowered social and behavioural barriers and contributed to greater citizen engagement in the context of the SET Plan, Horizon Europe Missions, Horizon Europe Partnerships, or other research and innovation actions supported by the EU’s framework programme, in collaboration with or building on other EU-funded projects in these areas.

• Policy advice to policy communities, including at European and other levels, is based on the latest research, including work prepared in the context of this project, actionable, and supported by communication and dissemination resources as well as practical guidelines.

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