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Línea de financiación en Horizonte Europa para una transición justa en Europa

Referencia HORIZON-CL5-2021-D2-01-12

Caduca 19/10/2021

HORIZON-CL5-2021-D2-01-12: Fomentar una transición justa en Europa

Actions should enhance the understanding of the challenges of the “just transition” to climate-neutral and environmentally sustainable economies and societies, as envisaged in the European Green Deal and Next Generation EU. They should analyse various dimensions of inequality arising from climate change impacts, climate policies and transition pathways including their distributional implications associated with changes in GDP, industrial competitiveness and trade, employment and skills, taxation, incomes and wealth, vulnerabilities and human health, structure of sectors, business models and relative prices etc.

Projects are expected to contribute to one or several of the following outcomes:

• A better understanding of the distributional repercussions of the transition to climate neutrality across sectors, social groups, countries, regions, cities, and in the labour market that will help implement the commitment to “leaving nobody behind”.

• A better understanding of the trade-offs and synergies between climate action, climate-change impacts and equity and justice considerations, such as social inequality, gender equalities, as well as their interaction with other transformations that underpin the transition to climate neutrality.

• Addressing procedural justice concerns in the transition to carbon neutrality, via deeper and more consequential involvement of stakeholders from all parts of society in the transition process, for instance via co-design and co-production processes, social innovations, citizen science, user-led innovation type activities, or upstream multi-stakeholder debates or mechanisms for citizen deliberation and engagement.

• New scientific evidence to inform EU, national and regional policies in designing inclusive, socially fair, gender-sensitive and economically viable transition plans and post-COVID recovery packages that take due care of the most affected regions, cities, sectors and parts of society, including vulnerable individuals and households.

• Increased societal and political acceptance for climate transition strategies, including renewable energy projects and more sustainable mobility concepts, based on greater involvement of those most affected, leading to better capacity for co-designing policy frameworks that enhance inclusiveness while minimising adverse distributional effects and inequalities.

• Improved insights into socio-economic and socio-political barriers that impede a just transition towards climate neutrality and identification of strategies to overcome these barriers on different temporal and spatial scales across Europe.

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