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Línea de financiación en Horizonte Europa: Protección de infraestructuras locales

Referencia HORIZON-CL3-2022-INFRA-01-01

Caduca 08/09/2022

HORIZON-CL3-2022-INFRA-01-01: Soluciones integradas basadas en la naturaleza para proteger las infraestructuras locales

The aim of the topic is to expand the knowledge on Nature-based Solutions (NBS) and their ability to enhance infrastructure resilience in cities and urban areas against natural and man-made hazards. Thus complementing other traditional security measures.

Projects are expected to contribute to some or all of the following expected outcomes:

• Integrated Nature-based solutions (NBS) into overall concepts for the protection of infrastructures and existing integrated risk management plans for cities and urban areas with a view of complementing existing methods for protection and resilience

• Adaptation and mitigation strategies for infrastructure protection applied by local authorities and operators, including lessons learned from studying reactions of natural eco-systems to different external shocks

• Resilience of local infrastructures enhanced by integrating local knowledge from population and historical documents, as well as natural components in their physical assets preventing potential damages from different types of hazards, including storms, floods and heatwaves.

• Novel construction materials and solutions resulting in more durable and damage resistant infrastructure

• Full potential of Nature-based Solutions exploited by local authorities and operators to mitigate the risks related to multiple hazards manifesting at the same time, while also taking into account social empowerment and environmental co-benefits like leisure, clean air, and immunity and response to cyberattacks etc.

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