EU4Health-CP-g-22-01.05: propuestas para el diálogo estructurado a nivel nacional o regional sobre compra pública en el sector salud - HERA

Referencia EU4Health_CPg220105

Caduca 30/09/2022

The proposed action supports Member States in organising a thorough assessment of public
procurement in the health sector at national and/or regional level by way of collective
This assessment should be organised by relevant national/regional stakeholders that will
involve interested Member States’ authorities. The assessment will be organised in working
themes that will facilitate exchanges and will collect and analyse the information and data
provided. Working sessions and conferences will be organised in Member States that require
this support in the preparation of the national or regional procurement strategy.
A European conference will be organised in order to inform Member States on the
recommendations provided, including on good practices and will encourage further exchange
of experience.
The action is expected to result in the development of new or improved national and regional
strategies on public procurement that will make current practices more resilient and efficient
all over the Union. This will increase preparedness for future health crises.
The involvement of Member States at national, regional and/or local level as well as of all
relevant stakeholders by using collective intelligence methods will also increase coordination
and more and better cooperation for the future.
Budget: 5 M€.

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