Quantum Industry Day in Switzerland 2022

Referencia BECH20221004001

Caduca 04/10/2022

What does the event offer?
1. Hear state of the art keynote talks in the fields of quantum computing, sensing and quantum-safe communication. The morning sessions will give a perspective on the development of quantum technologies, while the afternoon will be will be packed with use cases, applications and demonstrators in sensing, computing, and communications as well as showcasing careers and entrepreneurship in quantum technologies.

2. Networking sessions and discussions with a rich ecosystem of companies as well as research institutes actively developing products, technologies and services leveraging quantum effects
3. Promotion of products, services, expertise or company activities through the marketplace
4. A session aiming to inspire students and early-stage professionals by offering an overview of different job roles and career paths within the Quantum ecosystem

Profile of the participants:
• Private companies creating products or services based on quantum-based phenomena (superposition or entanglement) in the field of quantum computing, quantum sensing or quantum-safe communication
• Private companies providing enabling technologies (materials, nanotechnology, vacuum, low temperature electronics, connectors etc.)
• Researchers with a strong interest in application into products or services
• Investors
Focus: quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum instrumentation and quantum communication

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