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In recent years, there has been a significant increase in public funds to promote entrepreneurial R&D&i activities from different administrative fields, and the modalities of financial instruments through which these funds have been applied have also increased. This situation has determined the need to create a unified public information service that facilitates access to the different sources and modalities of funding for business R&D&i.

The Council of Ministers of 27 January 2006 approved the creation of a network of information points and free advice for companies and entrepreneurs on public aid in any administrative area - local, regional, state, European - that is best Appropriate to their activities or their R&D&i needs.

FICYT, through its Department of Innovation Management, in collaboration with the CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development), has been part of the PI+D+ i Network since February 2007.

Its mission is to offer personalized information and advice services on all available public R&D&i grants, through global assistance: telephone, telematic and face-to-face.

The network consists of 351 agents belonging to 132 entities from all the Autonomous Communities coordinated by the CDTI, of which 8 perform Level 2 functions, that is, more specialized agents that also support the rest of agents of the network in those More complex requests. One of these 8 entities is FICYT, which was constituted as PIDI Level 2 Agent in 2008.

The consultations range from requests for generic information on the various calls for proposals or aid programs to requests for specific advice on analysis or project opportunities for the submission of concrete proposals.

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