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We are looking for candidates to apply for a PostDoc position in the laboratory of Dr. Rui Benedito (Molecular Genetics of Angiogenesis), at the CNIC, Madrid, Spain. The laboratory is funded by CNIC, MINECO and the European Research Council. Salary offer is very competitive and includes social benefits. Possibility also to apply to junior leader fellowship.

The group uses a combination of advanced mouse models, several in vitro systems, quantitative gene expression analysis and the latest imaging technologies to further understand the biology of blood vessels and discover how some of their genes execute their diverse and context-dependent roles during development and disease. The Postdoc work will involve the use of new inducible fluorescent genetic mosaic (ifgMosaic) mouse models recently generated in the laboratory (Pontes-Quero et al., Cell 2017), and the study of cell-to-cell communication and synchronization during vascular development and cancer. The Center is equipped with state of the art equipment and infrastructures and offers various services including cellomics, metabolomics, proteomics, genomics,bioinformatics, microscopy, histopathology, and a large SPF animal facility.

CNIC is a modern institute located in a large biomedical research campus, and received recently the Severo Ochoa prize for its international excellence in research. See more at
Required Research Experiences

    Biological sciences › Biology
    1 - 4

Offer Requirements

    Biological sciences: PhD or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Good


We will give priority to candidates with:

1. At least 1 first-author publication in an internationally recognized journal.

2. PhD in the fields of Biomedicine or Developmental Biology.

3. Experience with mouse models and genetics.

4. Expertise in cell signalling or cell metabolism.


CNIC is one of the best European Research Institutions and has a social/benefits plans for its employees.

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