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LIQUIDHOPE.Advancing liquid biopsies for monitoring and personalized treatment of children with neuroblastoma. Medical Research Institute of the Hospital La Fe

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IIS La Fe has decided to publish a call for a job offer, by a competitive procedure, for a 1 Doctorate degree At least three credited years of postdoctoral training on cancer related topics, to perform the tasks in the framework of the Project 2018/0209 LIQUIDHOPE: Advancing Liquid Biopsies for Monitoring and Personalized Treatment of Children with Neuroblastoma. LIQUIDHOPE primarily aims to accelerate transfer of liquid biopsy approaches into the clinic within 3 parallel research arms designed to overcome current hurdles in (1) therapy response assessment, (2) minimal residual disease (MRD) monitoring and (3) actionable target identification. LIQUIDHOPE combines 6 WPs comparatively assessing metabolites (WP1), cell-free (cf) DNA-based clonal evolution (WP2), cfDNA methylation (WP3), cflincRNAs, circRNAs and a 9-miR signature (WP4) disseminated tumor cell (DTC) clearance from bone marrow to monitor MRD (WP5) and a comparison of plasma cfDNA-based MRD with standard-of-care RNA-based detection (WP6). Definition of the best marker/analysis method or combination thereof for patient monitoring is the secondary aim.

Contract/Fellowship characteristics: -Full time -Amount: 2.388,08 gross/month -Lenght: : 12 months renewable. -Exclusive devotion.

Eligibility criteria

Curriculum vitae and Academic Track-Record (0-2 points) Currículum vitae Expediente Académico Other Merits: (Complementary Training) (0-1 point) Postdoctoral stays in scientific institutions

Selection process

-Updated Curriculum Vitae. -Track-Record with academic grade media. -Copy of required educational qualifications. -Supporting documents of the outlined merits.
Offer Requirements

    Biological sciences: PhD or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Good
    SPANISH: Good


- Doctorate degree At least three credited years of postdoctoral training on cancer related topics


Training/Roles to develop: Blood-derived plasma cfDNA purification from neuroblastoma patients. cfDNA high-throughput epigenetics analyses and validation on FFPE tumors. Compilation of clinical variables and biostatiscal analysis.

Specific Requirements

Experience in genetics and in human cancers. Experience in cancer epigenetics. Experience in cell culture and immunohistochemical characterization of tumors. Knowledge of neuroblastoma. Course of design and direction of animal research procedures.

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