20 posdoctoral positions at Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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The Universidad Complutense de Madrid is offering 20  posdoctoral positions for training in research and teaching activities in any of its 270 departments.

The goal of this call is to provide funding for 20 employment contracts within one of the following scientific areas:

  • Life Sciences (3 positions)

  • Experimental Sciences (3 positions)

  • Arts and Humanities (3 positions)

  • Social and Legal Sciences (3 positions)

The remaining 8 positions will be distributed in proportion to the number of the eligible application received among the four research field. One of these positions will be reserved for candidates with a proven disability of, at least, 33%.

Under these employment contracts the fellows will develop the following activities:

  • Research activities: the fellow will develop a research project in agreement with a mentor in the department of the UCM where she/he will be integrated.

  • Teaching activities: fellows will be required to give lectures for bachelor and master degree subjects for 80 hours / year (up to a maximum of 120 hours / year).

The application period will be open from August 28 to September 15, 2017.

Eligibility criteria


  1. Applicant must be in possession of a doctoral degree and have less than 7 years of posdoctoral experience (starting from the date of the defence of their doctoral thesis). Extensions for this eligibility window are foreseen (see the call full text: http://pendientedemigracion.ucm.es/bouc/pdf/2701.pdf).

  2. Applicants must also have developed postdoctoral stays for, at least, 18 months (cumulative) outside of the organization where they obtained their doctoral degree.

  3. Applicants that have had any employment relationship with UCM during the last 18 months will not be considered as eligible.

  4. Applicants need to have the explicit approval from the department in which they intend to develop their projects in advance (see the full text of the call for further details: http://pendientedemigracion.ucm.es/bouc/pdf/2701.pdf).


Selection process


  • Applicants can only submit one application to this programme.

  • Should they submit two or more applications they will be excluded from the evaluation process.

  • Applications will be submitted through the online web application available at the following link: https://convocatorias-inves.ucm.es/posdoc2017/. Once submitted online, the web application will generate a document that has to be printed, signed in blue-ink and presented at the “Registro General de la Universidad Complutense” before the call deadline (alternatives to this “Registro” can be found in the call full text: http://pendientedemigracion.ucm.es/bouc/pdf/2701.pdf).


Additional comments


The employment contract duration will be 1 year long (full-time working). However, subject to the evaluation of the activity developed during the first year, the contract can be extended for 1 additional year.

The gross salary for these positions will be equal to that of a “Profesor Ayudante Doctor” at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and will be paid in 14 installments. This gross salary was of 26.051,42€ in 2015

The telematic application will be open from August 28 to September 15, 2017.

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