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In this digital age, a change in learning/teaching method is being fuelling by the introduction of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and interactive media in schools. Among them, the use of robots with children improves their motivation and learning process by 75%. A notable obstacle to implement robotics in schools is the involvement needed from educators in the generation of contents and experiences, requiring programming skills.

Our company has developed TUTOR, a novel Learning Management System for leveraging education based on the use of robots, which allows non-computer skilled users create, manage and transfer learning units for robots.

We have detected our potential capabilities to define and design our own educational robot in which run TUTOR, in order to maximize the business opportunity in the innovative Robot-Learning sector. This way, we will develop a fully functional product (LMS software + hardware) that will provide a mechanism for our sustainable growth.

We are InterOnLine, an ambitious technological enterprise specialised in the field of IC-enabled education. We are a multidisciplinary team of managers, pedagogues and software engineers. Once heavily consolidated in the area of eLearning, we are using InteRobotics trademark, for our new flagship product in the coming 5 to 10 years, TUTOR: a user-friendly web system for the creation of educational and therapy contents based on non-conventional forms of interaction, to be supported by all kinds of Robots, and independently of the computer skills of the user.

We have detected a business opportunity related to the design and development of our own educational robot as part of our strategy for a faster market uptake of TUTOR. This strategy will enable to bring a product much more specific for education in robotics, by creating a new environment in programming and design, in order to overcome the entry barriers of robotics for learning. This way, we will develop a fully functional product (software + hardware) that will provide a mechanism for our sustainable growth. In order to fulfil this corporate strategy, we aim to, analyse educational standards in robotics in order to optimize educational process and explore our potential capabilities for the design and development of hardware components, in order to develop our own modular robot.

In order to fulfil these objectives and activities, we need the incorporation to our company of the following profile:

PhD in robotics engineering with the following skills: proficiency writing in C++, Java, Python and Arduino, extensive experience using UNIX/Linux, Apache and Microsoft Windows operating systems, knowledge on LMS systems (Moodle, Sakay) and experience in robotics simulation and 3D modeller software: ARS, Gazebo, Webots

Knowledge/experience in educational and pedagogic methodologies: background in research of educational aspects applied to robotics will be required.

The PhD will perform a deep study of educational standards applied to robotics for education in our target markets to nurture the generation of contents fitted to these educational systems, as well as define and design the hardware components to be integrated in a computerized model.



Gross Salary:  5000 EURO

Other Benefits: Professional trainings (including fees, travel and accomodation)

Relocation costs: 1000 EURO


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