Senior Technical Researcher for the Text Mining Unit of the CNIO/MINETUR (TeMUC). Computer science, telecommunications or equivalent engineering degree.

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Referencia: TEMUC4

Solicitudes: Los interesados deberán remitir su C.V. indicando la Referencia: TEMUC4 en el asunto del mail a la dirección de correo electrónico, de lo contrario la candidatura no podrá ser tenida en cuenta.


The Text Mining Unit of the CNIO/MINETUR (TeMUC) is funded through the Plan de Impulso de las Tecnologías del Lenguaje de la Agenda Digital, in the framework of an agreement between the Secretary of State of Telecommunications and the Information Society and the CNIO. It is the first publicly funded text mining unit in Spain and has the aim to promote the development of natural language processing and machine translation resources for Spanish and other co-official languages in the area of health-related topics.
We are looking for a senior technical researcher in computer science/software engineering/data warehouse, preferable with experience in language technologies.
He/she will interact directly with a team working in biomedical text mining and language processing covering both more technical and domain-application related aspects. Furthermore, he/she will be in charge of the implementation of a workflow service, the integration of NLP components and the design and of data warehouse platforms.
1.    Design of standards and specifications of interoperability and compatibility and the corresponding validation mechanisms.
2.    Development of mechanisms for the integration of resources and a data warehouse.
3.    Implementation of a framework for biomedical text mining and language processing.

Criterios de evaluación

•    Higher degree in computer science, telecommunications or equivalent engineering degree.
•    Demonstrable use of source code repositories (e.g. Github, BitBucket, Sourceforge).
•    Familiarity with continuous integration software (e.g. Jenkins).
• Familiarity with software like Maven and Nexus or setuptools, Virtualenv, PIP.
• Familiarity with some language processing platform (e.g. GATE, OpenNLP, FreeLing, IXA pipes).
• Experience with scientific workflow platform (e.g. Galaxy, Taverna).
•    Strong programming skills in at least one of the following languages: Java, Python, C++, Scala.
•    Experience in/with cloud computing, docker, docker swarms and VMs.
•    Demonstrated experience in the development and integration of software tools.
•    Skills and knowledge related to data Warehouses, NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB, Elasticsearch), SQL (e.g. PostGreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL).
•    Knowledge of data models, metadata schema.
•    Familiarity with RDF/OWL/SKOS.
•    Experience with Web Services (e.g. RESTful).
•    Interest and knowledge of standard data formats (e.g. JSON) and text annotation formats.
•    Fluent in English.
Se ofrece

- The opportunity to be part of one of the few European Cancer Research Centres of excellence.
- An excellent working, multidisciplinary environment.
- Competitive salary.
- Contract linked to a project.

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