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One of the new services created in 2014 by the European Agency for SMEs (EASME), within the GALACTEA-PLUS consortium, the work of the so-called "Key Account Manager" (KAM), person in charge - one person per participating regions in the consortium - to assist all those companies with projects approved under the new EU 2020 Horizon initiative, the SME Instrument.

This financing instrument is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises with the potential to develop innovative ideas about products, services or processes and their placing on the market in the short and medium term; In short, it finances innovative actions that imply a real opportunity to increase the competitiveness of the company with its placing on the market.

The role of the KAM consists essentially in detecting the needs of the company with an approved project within the aforementioned initiative and, as a result, if the company considers it, it is in charge of selecting the coach (2 days if the company participates with project approved in Phase 1 of the instrument and 12 if it is in Phase 2) to try to solve the difficulties detected by the KAM in the first instance. All this will be translated into a "coaching plan" agreed between the company and the coach.


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